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Try our newest games:

Final Table Slot

Final Table 25 Line Slot

Get ready to go "All in" for good times with our new Final Table poker-themed slot machine. You're sure to hold the winning hand any time you play a slot like this with all of your favorite features:
• Fill up the reels with wild payouts with incredible Stacked Wild symbol action.
• Play the new Hold'em or Fold'em bonus game. If you don't like your original hand, just fold it and pick another!
• Like to play for a big pot? Our 15 Free Spins at 2x multiplier and re-trigger feature should build up your bankroll nicely.

Heaven Cent Slot

Heaven Cent 25 Line Slot

Welcome to Heaven Cent, a brand new 25-line slot with lots of high-paying surprises in store for you! You'll be on Cloud Nine when you discover all these great features:
• Our cheeky little Angels and Devils have placed hidden wild symbols behind the reels... so keep an eye out for surprisingly big pays.
• Try our new Spin-the-Wheel bonus round with a 50,000 coin top prize!
• Enjoy 10 Free Spins at 4x multiplier, where you might even re-trigger the bonus over and over again.

Aces High Slot

Aces High Bonus Slot with stacked Wild symbols

Get ready to stack up your payouts with all-new Aces High slot with stacked wild symbols! Take to the skies of WWII in your vintage bomber, where your primary targets will be the Aces High bonus game and the Free Spin bonus round.
• 1, 2, 5 cent coins
• 120,000 coin top prize
• 10 free spins at 4x multiplier

Pai Gow

Lucky 8's Bonus Pai Gow Poker

We've revolutionized the game of Pai Gow by adding the highest paying bonus side-bet in the world! Play just as you've always played, or play with the Lucky 8's bonus bet... the choice is yours.
• Win up to 8888-1
• New special pays: Four 8's and Four 8's with a joker
• Use our "House Way" button for optimum play
Play Lucky 8's Pai Gow Poker... and test your Fortune with our Bonus game today!




*Promotions begin with the respective starts of the College and NFL football regular seasons.

NFL Football

MNF $10.00 Free Bet

A free chance to win $100.00 every week during the NFL season by picking the player to score the first TD in the Monday Night Football game! All you have to do is pick the player who will get the first 1st Down during MNF and win up to $100.00 at no cost to you.

Monday: Props, props and more props on the MNF game

Will there be a score in the first 7 minutes and 30 seconds of game, total # of sacks, field goals, punts, interceptions and fumbles, will your favorite player run, pass or receive for over 100 yards? The list goes on and on so log in and check out all the props for the big Monday night game!

NCAA Football

Nickel night NCAA Tuesday

Every Tuesday night during the regular season between 6PM - 9PM EST bet all your college football sides at -105... that's a 50% savings.

NFL Happy Hour

Wednesday night NFL Happy Hour

Every Wednesday night during the regular season join us for happy hour between 6PM-9PM EST and bet all your NFL sides at -105 once again saving you a cool 50%.

Friday Night Parlay and Teaser Special

Bet all your 3 team, 10 point teasers at half price (from -130 to -115) and bet all your parlays at maximized odds. (See table below) Special parlay payouts every Friday night between 6PM and 9PM EST

Teams Payout
3 6.5-1
4 13-1
5 25-1
6 50-1
7 100-1
8 200-1
9 400-1
10 800-1
11 1500-1
12 2500-1

Please be aware these pay outs will only be paid when the price is -110, if it is anything else it will pay out true odds. For example if there is a -120 -115 or -105 it will be figured in true odds.

Saturday Night Get Out

Saturday night Get Out Game

Down early? Get out late every Saturday night during the regular college football season by betting the last college game on the schedule at no juice!

NFL Prop Headquarters

Also as of this year we will be offering all the NFL props we offered last year which was a full complement on Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games with addition of a minimum of 10 generic props for every game on Sunday. These props will go up Saturday morning and the props for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night will go up the day of the game.

Parlay Your Props

NEW! Parlayable Prop bets and more!

Starting immediately, many of the major sporting events will have a special section of parlayable prop bets, exciting and unique wagers that you can't find anywhere else.

Why stop there?

As well, please be advised that the following wagers are also parlayable on their own or with wagers on other sports, too:

• Golf Matchups
• Nascar Matchups
• Tennis Matchups
• Boxing wagers
• MMA wagers
• and more!


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